the biggest surprise that I learned from bias in algorithms is how it tries to paint a picture of a person whether its true or false. This topic for the week really just made me mad because how this is still a thing within our technology. I understand that we need algorithms and how they are helpful, but I think we are at the point where its doing way more harm than good. It’s frustrating that we are even at this point though, because I have always said that technology is human controlled and with that said its a little crazy to hear that algorithms have the power to be bias. I believe that we give the algorithms the power to have bias and its up to us to fix it. To say that algorithms have bias and make it sound like its a shock that this is happening, I almost think thats its a little crazy that as humans we didnt talk more about these things happening. I do believe that we need to start doing the work and hold companies accountable for who is creating these algorithms and hold them accountable as well. Society is changing all the time, and so our technology needs to change with it in order for it to be able to serve us at its best.